In 1904, brothers Charles and Francis Davis purchased Wampum Hardware Company, a general hardware and explosive store in Wampum, PA. This rambling rural store was quick to become a household name, as well as a dependable resource for necessities like building materials, barbed wire fencing and dynamite. What started out as a business run by the two brothers is now a highly regarded force in the explosives industry. The company has grown with the times. It’s kept up with increasingly stringent safety regulations, and embraced the advent of new technologies. In the1960s, under the fourth generation leadership of Jerry Davis and Paul Davis, Wampum decided to go beyond selling farm goods and cases of explosives. Looking to the future, the company plunged into the business of providing bulk explosives and complete blasting services to the coal mines and quarries of Western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio and Indiana. Today, 90% of Wampum’s business is contract blasting – making it one of the largest blasting companies in North America in terms of shot service. Over 200 employees, many with more than 20 years of service staff the company. Wampum employs over 90 licensed blasters, licensed in five states. Its fleet of equipment continues to grow, and presently includes 23 large diameter drills, 60 bulk blasting agent trucks and 9 tractors for trailer delivery, Wampum crews are known for being a hard-working, safety oriented bunch, always capable of overcoming the most demanding blasting challenges.
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